About Sue Ann

My new painting ‘Mountain Song’ was chosen as the marquee poster image for the 2013 Gold Canyon Arts Festival. My challenge was to create an image that blended the entertainment series ‘Canyon Sounds’ with the Sonoran Desert. “I used a warm color palette to harmonize joyful musicians with the serene desert and the majestic Superstition Mountains. By elongating the musicians, I created a sense of movement.”

My company, Color Concept Creations, is dedicated to helping people individualize their homes with interior wall painting in the form of faux, murals, and trompe l’oeil. My motto is, “Your Home, Your Office, Your Way!” We’re here to help.

My background: I grew up painting with oils, standing next to my mother. She was, and remains, an amazing artist. I sold my art in college to make ends meet. After entering the business world, I rarely had time to paint while I climbed the corporate ladder. I always said, ‘Some day….’ and someday finally came. Now, I walk into my studio and paint whatever I feel needs to be painted. The diversity of the Sonoran Desert has challenged me in fabulous ways. I paint the form and mood of my surroundings, from open vistas of the Sonoran Desert to dramatic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest; flowers, wildlife, and still life; with oils or acrylics.

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