Welcome to My World
of Color!

I am delighted to introduce myself and my work.  

I paint the natural world, capturing the emotion of one moment in time.  Having grown up in a rural area of Washington, nature was my best friend.  It inspires, invigorates, cheers, soothes, and fascinates me.  Whether I paint a landscape or fragile flower, I feel she challenges me to capture more than color and form.  My painting day might be like a soothing spa day, or a rigorous workout at the gym.

Commission work has taken me from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast.  I enjoy travel and experiencing nature in all her forms. No matter the region, I honor nature and my clients by capturing one special moment in time.   

Originals and Giclees:  Original paintings are shown on the ‘New Additions’ slide show above, and in the galleries.  A giclee (high quality print on canvas) is usually available.  Sizes can be larger or smaller than the original.  Giclees are an economical way to acquire art you love.  

Commissions Welcome! Your home, your office, your way! I enjoy working with clients to produce a work of art (mural, trompe l’oeil, canvas) that captures their vision and desired emotional response. I communicate clearly and am flexible while maintaining aesthetic integrity. 

Mediums:  Acrylics and oils. 

Classes: Enjoy Success without Stress. I teach beginner through intermediate levels.  Classes are light-hearted, challenging, and stress-free. Private and semi-private classes are also available. See ‘Classes’ tab .

Enjoy your visit! Feel free to contact me at 480-982-1336

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